Democracy (or something funkier)(2010)

The action takes place on a November evening in a Basque tavern. Aritz, a political activist and the owner’s son, and Ezekiel, a young Galician art student, have a date after the restaurant has closed. They have totally opposite beliefs about how society works. Nevertheless, the attraction they feel for each other will make them forget their differences. Before the night ends, a third person will turn this love story into a tragedy.

Premiered on April 2010 at the Teatre Lliure de Barcelona. Dramaturgy and direction Nao Albet & Marcel Borràs / actors Nao Albet, Marcel Borràs, Clara Cols, Biel Duran, Jordi Figueres, Lina Lambert, Agnés Mateus and Juan Navarro / assistant director Anabel Labrador / costume design Maria Araujo / makeup Toni Santos / scenery Montse Amenós / lighting design Xavi Clot / sound Raúl Lucea / movement Amparo Fernández / air effects Accialt Flying Effects / assistant costume design Mireia Llatge / assistant scenery Jose Novoa / assistant diction de dicción Paul Berronado / productin Teatre Lliure