We are all obsessed by the idea of happiness. What must we do to find it? Of all the possible recipes for happiness, we are fascinated by the inner resources that many of us rely on to escape from our problems, projecting happiness on to the future and believing that it will all come about by some unknown means. Of all these resources, we have singled out the so-called “Paradigm of the 21st century” [The New York Times, III/X/10]; in other words, the existence of aliens. In April 2010, our best friend was abducted.

Premiered on April 2011 at the Teatre Lliure de Barcelona. Direction Nao Albet & Marcel Borràs / dramaturgy Nao Albet and Marcel Borràs in colaboration with de Laura Cabello “Topo” / actors Nao Albet, Marcel Borràs, Laura Ninou, Samuel Rubin and Eduard Tolós / executive production Anabel Labrador / costume design Paula Ventura / scenery José Novoa / lighting design Albert Faura / sound Ander Agudo / video Oslo Albet / mask Raquel Munera / assistant scenery Carlota Ricart / photo Clàudia Serrahima / poster design Roger Cisa / coproduction Uns nois que fan teatre and Teatre Lliure / special thanks Gabriel, Geli Bossman, Iván Morales, Joel Santaeulària and Pau Avila