“Quarrels of hatred and blood reign supreme. Dead you all shall be, stretched lifeless in the mud, when the sun bids the day farewell.”
Near the ancient town of Khalpe (modern day Aleppo), in the heart of a valley flush with precious stones, two families live in harmony, admiring the natural beauty of their gems like children watching a galloping horse – without the least desire to rein it in. But when a mystery man appears, their peace is shattered, and hatred and rancor rear their ugly heads among the heirs to every family.
Mammon – which derives from the words meaning “wealth” in Aramaic and “treasure” in Hebrew – was the demon of greed for Christians and the God of plenty for the Phoenicians. This mythological tale serves as a stage where we see the issue of modern Syria – a country swept into one of the cruelest wars of our era – play out.

Premiered in April 2015 at Teatre Lliure de Barcelona. direction and dramaturgy Nao Albet & Marcel Borràs / actors Nao Albet Javier Beltrán Paula Blanco Marcel Borràs Mima Riera and Manel Sans / scenery and costume Jose Novoa / makeup Paula Ayuso / lights design Adrià Pinar / sound Igor Pinto / video documentary Guillermo A. Chaia / assistant director Gerard Guerra / assistant scenery Marc Salicrú / executive production La Brutal / coproduction Teatre Lliure, La Brutal and Teatros del Canal (Madrid) / special thanks Pedro Azara, Joan Castellví, Vanessa Garcia, Oslo Albet and Juan Miranda