Robbery, beating and death in Agbanäspach(2013)

Agbanäspach is where two young boys spend a few hours of their lives. A strange place where they can hang out and where, now and then, they learn something important. Where they can say what they think without fear of getting hurt and speak their minds with complete freedom.

“Aim, aim better. There, there. You see him? See him running? Look at the motherfucker running. Shoot. Shoot … Good.”
Agbanäspach is where a few years ago the two boys killed a cat.

This story is not about a chubby boy on a bicycle coming back from sucking dicks. This is a story about a robbery; in the end it’s all a game, a that’s all motherfuckers.

Premiered on July 2013 at the Teatre Nacional de Catalunya. Direction and dramaturgy Nao Albet & Marcel Borràs / actors Nao Albet, Marcel Borràs, Sergi Belbel, Òscar Castellví, Laia Costa, Alina Furman, Oriol Genís, Francesca Piñón and David Vert / assistant director Juan Miranda / costume Paula Ventura / scenery Jose Novoa / lights design Adrià Pinar / sound Roc Mateu / video Oslo Albet / make up Toni Santos and Raquel Muntera / assistant scenery Carlota Ricart / translation and diction Thomas Sauerteig / dubbing Maife Gil, Camilo García, Eduard Farelo, Rafa Calvo / photos Clàudia Serrahima / production Teatre Nacional de Catalunya / special thanks Laura Aragó, Albert Bada, Javi Beltrán, Laura Cabello, Ona Campillo, Miquel Díaz, Andrés Herrera, Arcadi Oliveras, Roc Jou, Nathalie Labiano, Marc Martínez, Leon Martínez, Ivan Morales, Vicenta N’dongo, Helio Reguera, Fernando Salamanca, Àlex Solà, Javier Turrillos and Shang Ye