Straithen con Freighten(2007)

In 1998, Johnny Knoxville and Spike Jonze created the spectacular comedy show that will make MTV famous: JACKASS. Jackass therefore is the influence of American youngsters’ understanding of what it is to have fun. And from that: A night in a free house turns a group of inseparable friends into a living experiment in the new art of Punch.

A teenager frustrated with her family situation goes out to get drunk with her friends. The play deals at the same time with the agonizing anxiety of her parents when she doesn’t come home on time.

In the course of that night: Punch, a bowl of cereal and crack the fuck up…

Premiered on May 2007 at the Teatre Lliure de Barcelona. Direction Nao Albet / dramaturgy Nao Albet and Marcel Borràs / actors Nao Albet, Marcel Borràs, Laura Cabello “Topo”, Miquel Díaz, Adrià Gonzàlez, Laura Jou and Iván Morales / exectutive production Mireia Andreu / video David Noguera and Manel Leal / costume design Lali Batlle / scenery Max Glenzel, Estel Cristià and Nao Albet / choreography Ferran Carvajal / lighting design Roger Bernat / shadow Oslo Albet / music Joan Baró and Arnau Roura / production Grup Instrumental Barcelona 216