The nun who was buried alive(2012)

Barcelona, 1895, the Nun: A lass locked in a convent by her father so that she doesn’t fuck the boy she likes.
A guy, not the one who has an affair with the biddy in the convent, but another one, must steal oranges for his girlfriend, who is very fickle. She specifically wants oranges from the convent where the chick is locked up.
One night the boss of the convent finds out that the locked-up lass wants to run away
with her lover and so he decides to bury her. Alive.
 What will happen to the guy who is going to look for the oranges that same night? And to the biddy who is buried? Will her boyfriend be able to release her in time? Will Goku and his friends find the Dragonballs before Frizer does?

All this plus paedophiles, corruption, drugs and guns, two lovers, the patriarchal society, faith and the business of faith in The nun who was buried alive.

Premiered in March 2012 at La Seca Espai Brossa. Director Nao Albet & Marcel Borràs / dramaturgy Nao Albet and Marcel Borràs with the colaboration of Laura Cabello “Topo” from the Jaume Piquet play “La monja enterrada en vida ó secrets d’aquell convent” / actors Nao Albet, Marcel Borràs, Jordi Figueres, Pol López, Xavi Sàez and Shang-Ye / executive production Anabel Labrador / costume Paula Ventura / makeup Toni Santos / scenery José Novoa / lights design Adrià Pinar / ssound Yann Couëssin / video Oslo Albet / assistant scenery Carlota Ricart / animation Juan Belda / foto Clàudia Serrahima / disaign de cartell Roger Cisa / coproduction Uns nois que fan teatre and la Seca Espai Brossa / special thanks Miquel Diaz, Albert Bada, Indi-Gest, Joel Santaeulària and Pau Avila